We Manage....to Outperform!

Delcom Management takes a refreshing approach to the management of industrial, retail, commercial properties. Whether its in our pioneering role assisting clients prepare commercial budgets in Canada or as a leader in providing valuable insights in the design stage of commercial projects-from landscaping to traffic flow to waste management to external finishes- Delcom Management believes in raising the bar to serve our clients.

Services Include:

  • Insightful operational reports and financial statements
  • Professional, regularly scheduled and documented inspections of the physical operations of each property
  • Management of all administrative contracts and leasehold improvements
  • Rent collection and management, including any necessary legal follow-up
  • Aged receivable control
  • Preparation if annual operating budget with monthly expense reporting
  • Production of year end financial statements and audit documentation
  • Development of strategic advertising programs
  • Expertise in all advertising mediums
  • In depth market analysis of areas and estimate time frames for leasing goals
  • lease administration and negotiation
  • Our role is not only to maintain the value of the properties we manage, but to enhance their value.

We deliver what our client wants most:

a commitment to outperform in every way.

Delcom Management



For Inquiries, Please Contact:
Rob Watt 416 661 3070