Student Residence Management

Management of student housing requires a unique approach, and we have the expertise and experience needed to maximize operating returns.

DMS is a leader in the management and operations of purpose-built student residences with experience in managing both privately-owned and university-owned assets across Ontario.

Our Student Residence Management Services cover everything from finding and matching quality tenants, ensuring smooth move in and out days, and everything in between.


Marketing rooms to students requires specialized tools and knowledge of local market conditions. We've developed web-based software for posting our properties, use student body organizations as rental agents and partner with the local colleges and universities to maximize our exposure.


Unlike traditional high-rise residential properties, leasing student housing happens in a compressed time frame that coincides with students making plans for the next academic period. In order to maximize occupancy, a rigorous approach is required to lease up well in advance of projected occupancy and capture the market while the students are on campus.

Move in/Move out

Typically our leases start either May 1st or September 1st and have terms of 12 months.

Having all residents for a building move in on the same day presents challenges. We've developed a move-in protocol to streamline this en masse transition of new tenants into each property.

The same challenges present themselves on move-out day, as the student housing market typically has over 50% tenant turnover year after year. The move-out process we have developed includes a room-by-room inspection prior to taking vacant possession of each unit to ensure the property assets are protected. In addition, our site-based move out team coordinate orderly exits for everyone's convenience.

Student/Tenant Management

As part of our lease-up each year, we employ proprietary processes to "match" students in locations where multiple students share a single unit. Successful student matching during the lease-up process helps manage the unique co-habitation environment in student housing and creates better relationships between students.