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Posted April 8, 2020 by DMS Property Management

Activity Ideas While Self-Isolating

We know this time is difficult for everyone including the kids, so DMS has decided to create a list of activities that can be done from home! This list will have a wide variety of activities for each person in the family.

To start, let us begin with Arts & Crafts:  

One of the most common activities for kids and adults to keep busy is arts & crafts, but most of us cannot always come up with new things. We've got just the thing!

Here are 50 ideas:

Second on our list is Museum, Zoos, & Theme Park Tours:

We all wish we could take our families, and/or friends to a museum to learn something new, or just for fun. Well now you can do it at home! There are many different museums offering this all around the world, including the most known such as, The Louvre in Paris, France.

Here's a list of them:

Coming in third, we have some great options to connect with your family and friends virtually:

First on this list, there's a mobile application, and a Google Extension, called "House Party" this will allow you to have a face-to-face conversation with your friends, while playing virtual board games. If you'd like some more information visit their website:

Second in this category, is Netflix Party, which is a Google Extension that allows you to watch a movie or TV show with a group of friends/family. It provides you with a chat to discuss, and will keep the movie synced on all of your devices.

Lastly, similar to Netflix Party, there is a mobile application called "Rave", this allows you to watch any content you'd like in perfect sync with friends/family, while talking and texting in real-time. To get more information on this please visit their website:

Fourth, everyone loves board games, but we may not have someone to play with. Here are some games that can be played online:

Jackbox trivia can be played online with your friends/family, here's a link to setting it up: Jackbox Games

Uno has created an online platform for you to play here:

Cards Against Humanity has also added an online feature:

Monopoly is available online:

There are many more options, these are just our top picks!

In fifth, we have home workouts:

We know at this time most of us are not moving too often due to home restrictions, but we think it is important to ensure we are getting some activity during the day. There are many videos online that demonstrate workouts that can be done at home with no equipment. We have linked a video that some of our team members think is quite helpful, especially for those looking for a short work-out and something apartment-friendly:

It is only 10 Minutes!

Lastly, we have Cooking & Baking

There are many cool recipes out there for you to try. We think it's important to try new things, especially when staying at home we like to keep things exciting! Here are a couple viral trends going around:

  1. Dalgona Coffee (Whipped Coffee) -
  2. Quick Mug Cake Dessert -

Here are some recipes that require minimal ingredients, to ensure you're are not running to the grocery store every few days:

If you try any of these activities and/or recipes we ask that you tag us on our social media outlets and we will share as many as we can. We would love to hear from all our residents and viewers!